What is Shared Hosting?

As the name indicates, the shared hosting solution is a type of hosting service where multiple clients share the system resources of the same hosting server. This implies that all hosting server components such as CPU, hard disks, RAM, network cards and so on, are split among the clients whose accounts are on that same web server. This is made possible by opening separate accounts for the separate clients and applying given restrictions and quotas for each of them. Those limits are allocated so as to restrain the users from interfering with each other’s accounts and, of course, to prevent the web server from overloading. Normally, shared hosting plans do not allow full root access to the web server’s configuration files, which principally goes to say that they do not allow access to anything else on the web hosting server other the clients own web hosting account. The website hosting resources that each account may resort to are fixed by the hosting provider, and by the respective website hosting package.

Shared Hosting Price Plans

Our Hosting Services are made possible through our partnership with Liquidnet Limited and Resellerspanel, and can also be ordered directly from our web hosting site shoshomobile.com. OUR SHARED HOSTING PLANS INCLUDE A FREE 12 MONTH .COM DOMAIN REGISTRATION OR TRANSFER if selected as an add-on to a custom website purchase. This option includes development, set-up and activation of your website and hosting account.